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1 Katz Meow Cattery
18 18

Michigan Purebred Old-fashioned SIAMESE kittens, healthy, loving, people-oriented cats.
2 Top Cat Sites
2 5

If you have a site, ring, top site or business that relates to cats, this is the top site for you. Sites must show all animals in a positive way
3 About Cats Online
2 3
Information on cat health and behavior, stray and feral cats, current news stories about cats, and a topsites list.
4 Society Against Animal Abuse
1 0

5 Persian & Exotic cat cattery IRLINS
1 4

The cattery is engaged in cultivation of Persian and exotics cats, marble and bicolor colors. Website-information on breeds, articles and tips, photos and videos adult animals cats, kittens for sale.

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